At Essens By Megan we don't just offer products. We also offer discounted holidays and getaways or maybe you are travelling for business use and need somewhere to stay? 


Are you a fan of We have partnered with where they have allowed to offer you discounted holidays etc that is cheaper than their prices. This is a perk for members only. In order to get our discounted offer you need to join Essens as a VIP customer using the link below.

Once you have filled in the form to join, you can check out the main website where you can access Essens Travel and give yourself a quote.

***Please note. If you are outside of the UK, please contact me for the registration link for Ireland, Senegal and Europe.***

The above image was taken from Google Images, and is taken in Prague, Czech Republic which is home to Essens, where it is originally based. Beautiful country, isn't it?

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