I joined Essens because it was a working opportunity not to be missed. It wasn't just the products that interested me, it was the commission structure as well as providing discounted holidays to customers. I have always wanted to join a working from home opportunity that had travel in it, but couldn't afford it due to monthly fees etc. With Essens they don't have the monthly fees to go with the travel element, so that was it, I decided to join. Not just to sell products and services but also building a team too.

There are many ways to come on board with us at Essens By Megan as well as joining the Essens community and these include:

1) Join purely as a VIP customer and you can get products at members prices. You can order products through your own store and get members prices for life.

2) Be a Sales Representative where you can sell products to family, friends, work colleagues and neighbours. By selling to them you can earn up to 40% instant commission, earn FREE products, and potential bonuses as an extra.

3) Be a Sales Leader where you don't just sell products, but you can also expand and grow your business by building a team yourself. Earn instant commission, cash bonuses and qualify for holidays and cars.

Another reason why I joined this amazing opportunity you can sell Essens products anywhere in the UK, various European Countries, and Senegal. How amazing is that? Look at the list below. Essens is a FREE opportunity too. There is an option to buy a Perfume Sample Kit which is the most common kit that people tend to buy so they can show our fantastic perfume range to their customers. This is usually £26. But it is currently on offer for £23.40 if you register within your 30 days of joining Essens.

We have amazing training within Essens, and we have full support from our team, and we have recruited well known guest speakers in the networking marketing business to join us to do a live to help us expand and grow our businesses. This has included Frazer Brookes and Ray Higdon. This is amazing to have these speakers, to come and help us. Their knowledge of network marketing is extraordinary.

Ask me for our business presentation video and I will send you a link. Once you have seen the 11 minute video, please click on the link below to apply now and fill out the application form to start your Essens journey with us today, and work purely online. Sponsor ID number to fill in is 680010113 and national identification number you can leave blank.

You must be 18+ to apply.

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