Package content: 200 ml

Soothing after sun care milk for perfect hydration, protection of tanned skin and for longer lasting tan. It contains the patented ingredient Olivem® and aloe Vera.

It is without parabens and is suitable for all skin types and is ideal for sensitive skin. Milk is well applied and is quickly absorbed through the skin. It repairs possible skin damage and prepares it for the next day of tanning. All the ingredients used are biodegradable and thus non-toxic to the environment.

The premium Olivem® from the world`s leading producers of high-quality raw materials based on olive oil, creates liquid crystals in emulsion that have a dominant effect on the skin for ease of absorption, providing sufficient hydration, water resistance and a very pleasant feeling on the skin after application. Olivem® also excels in self-emulsifying properties, the ability to ideally mix two otherwise immiscible liquids (water, oil).

Aloe Vera extract is used in cosmetics for its regenerative effects. The polysaccharides contained in the extract provide sufficient cell hydration. The active ingredients of the extract help to reduce the multiplication of bacteria and stimulate fibroblasts (the underlying cells of the connective tissue dispersed in humans in different parts of the body), thereby renewing the cells several times faster. In general, aloe Vera is mainly listed as the most effective natural remedy for burns and abrasions.

Use: Apply a sufficient amount to skin after each tanning. It spreads easily and is suitable for year-round use. It is applied repeatedly until the skin is sufficiently supple. After Sun Care Milk is also suitable for year-round skin care.

After Sun Care Milk


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