A soothing and lubricating after-shave balm with a pleasant woodyspicy aroma, perfectly soothes and protects shaved skin. It contains shea butter, formed especially by a complex of beneficial unsaturated fatty acids. These acids are easily absorbed by the skin and they bind water exceptionally well (the skin is lubricated). 

Shea butter protects the skin against harmful climatic effects, improves skin elasticity and slows down the aging process. Anti-inflammatory and healing effects, contains vitamins A, D, E, F and supports natural skin immunity. This aftershave balm is also recommended for men with sensitive skin.


However, did you know this after shave balm has also got other uses and it isn't just for men. This can also be for ladies too. How?? Carry on reading and you will find out...


Who loves a good Primer? You maybe thinking, Primer, but that says After Shave Balm? 


The good news is this amazing product can be used for both and for those with Acne :). How amazing is that?

Aloe Vera After Shave Balm


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