Our conditioners come in two types:


1) All Hair Types

2) For Coloured and Dry Hair


Our conditioners contains a mixture of natural ingredients and nature-identical ingredients isolated from olives and rapeseeds. Conditioner contains a mixture of highly effective conditioning substances, which greatly facilitates combing wet and also dry hair. They create a special lubricious microfilm, which is spread in an even layer between individual hairs. Subsequent drying process always means a heat load for hair, therefore conditioner contains substances that prevent hair from thermal damaging during drying. After drying, the hair is rich and bright. All used ingredients are biodegradable and thus non-toxic for the environment.

Conditioner for coloured and dry hair contains also special ingredients that help to maintain colour stability and effectively wash any undesirable colour pigment released from the surface of the hair.

Aloe Vera - Conditioners

Conditioner Type

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