Aloe Vera Shaving foam has a protective and lubricating shaving cream for comfortable, smooth and fast shaving. The ingredients of extracts of wheat sprouts, beer (wine) yeasts, hyaluronic acid and panthenol help to regenerate and lubricate the protective lipid layer of damaged skin. 

They are effective in the alleviation of itching and the soothing of irritated skin. This shaving cream, with its composition and fine fresh aroma, has been created for both men and women.


Our shaving doesn't have to be used for shaving either. Who loves a bit of magic cleaning? Are your glasses or bathroom mirrors fogging up? Have you tried the good old trick, spraying the shaving foam onto the glass and polish it with a dry cloth until it is dry? This shaving foam has a protective layer is formed on the glass to prevent condensation of steam, and thus fogging up is significantly reduced.


This item can also act as a hair mousse too!!

It comes in a 200ml can

Aloe Vera Shaving Foam


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