This natural food supplement has a calming effect, promotes the urge to sleep and improves sleep quality. Thanks to its properties and processing technology, it greatly exceeds similar products on the market. It contains an effective combination of five natural ingredients in a suitable ratio – extracts of climbing hop cone, black pepper fruit, sour cherry as well containing inositol, and chromium.

ESSENS ES’Leep does not contain sugar, gluten or lactose. Is entirely safe and non-addictive.

All ESSENS Home Pharmacy products are processed by the most modern and revolutionary technologies, such as micronization, enzyme inhibition and multi-layer coating of tablets.Micronization is a method by which pharmaceuticals, natural substances, vitamins and minerals increase their bioavailability. It is the progressive reduction of raw material to a particle size of several micrometres. The resulting substance, thanks to its larger molecular surface, creates conditions for the improvement and acceleration of dissolution in the body. Due to this, higher efficiency medicaments and food supplements are achieved.Enzyme inhibition is a process, thanks to which the protection of active materials from potential destruction or from a reduction of absorption is achieved. It is appropriate to deactivate some enzymes, present in the digestive tract, blood circulation and other organs. Excluding potential damages from the activity of enzymes helps to ensure the required physiological activity of active materials in the products. Black pepper extract, and contained within it the alkaloid piperine, carries out the function of enzyme inhibition in ESSENS ES’Leep.


Multi-layer coating of a capsule is a unique technology that appears for THE FIRST TIME ON THE WORLD MARKET WITHIN ESSENS HOME PHARMACY PRODUCTS.


Active materials, as necessary, are inserted into the core, others are applied in multiple layers on the core. Their release is thus optimally timed. This is, in general, a way to reach excellent results which can be reached by classic techniques but with great difficulty.

Active Materials: 
• Common hop cone extract (Humulus lupulus, strobilus)
• Cherry fruit extract (Prunus cerasus)
• Inositol
• fruit extract of black pepper (Piper nigrum), 95% piperine
• chromium (chromic chloride)

The common hop is a plant of the Cannabaceae family. It is valued for its antiseptic, tonic and sedative effects. Hop cones extract contains a number of active substances, especially bitter, tannins and flavonoids which have the ability to calm nerves and irritation. It also helps to induce deep sleep.

Cherry extract is a natural source of melatonin, a hormone that regulates circadian rhythm and sleep mode. That means the rise in melatonin levels leads to an urge to sleep. Cherry extract prolongs the stage of REM sleep. Inositol is an important building block in the body and is involved in a wide range of biochemical reactions. In ES’Leep tablets, it acts as a precursor of melatonin. It has a calming effect and positively affects brain activity.

Chromium is a trace element. It promotes carbohydrate metabolism and the production of melatonin. It also contributes to the regulation of blood sugar levels. This was confirmed by its positive effects in combating depressive moods.

The extract from the fruit of the black pepper contains the alkaloid piperine. It helps blood circulation of the mucous membranes and also slows down the activity of digestive enzymes. Piperine leads to a better absorption of active substances from tablets and increases the tablets efficiency. This contributes to maximum effect in our body.

ESSENS ES´Leep can be used: 
• to facilitate sleep 
• to improve the quality and length of sleep 
• to stop repeated night-time awakenings 
• to stop early awakenings and problems with falling asleep 
• to reduce tiredness and exhaustion 
• to calm the nervous system as a prevention of fear, hyperactivity and nervousness

Recommended dosage: 1 tablet to be taken one hour before bed. The maximum effects will be reflected in the observance of good sleep hygiene. Regular use of these tablets is recommended for three months. In the need of an increased dosage, do not exceed a daily dosage of 6 tablets.



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