Due to its attributes and processing technology, this revolutionary food supplement greatly exceeds the similar products with added Lactoferrin. Our Lactoferrin is taken exclusively from fresh bovine (cow) milk. 


This product contains no sugar, gluten or lactose. 


What is Lactoferrin? 

Lactoferrin is a protein from the family of multifunctional transferrins (carrier of trace elements like e.g. iron, copper and zinc), which occurs naturally in the human body. It is presented in exocrine secretions, particularly in blood plasma and white blood cells. Lactoferrin can be also found in small amounts in ALL body fluids and is in fact part of INNATE immunity. 


Why is food supplement ESSENS Lactoferrin so unique? 

Lactoferrin contains more than 700 amino acids. Lactoferrin used in ESSENS products is obtained from bovine milk. The reason is that it’s the most similar to human one and has the SAME effect. The human and bovine Lactoferrin differs only in 2 amino acids, while for the individual humans can vary up to 8 amino acids! Very important parameter is „nativity “of Lactoferrin (not destroyed by heat, enzymes or chemicals during processing). Therefore, we emphasize that the Lactoferrin was treated with sophisticated technology from fresh skim milk and not from the whey, which is a waste material in milk production. Another important factor of the Lactoferrin high quality is the degree of saturation by iron (or copper, zinc). The reason is optimal regulation as well as maintaining constant levels of trace elements in the body. Usually, Lactoferrin saturation varies between 10 to 30 %. If Lactoferrin is saturated to more than 80 % by iron, the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activity is considerably lower. Our Lactoferrin goes through control of saturation by iron. Therefore, its value is only 23 %, thus very low. Molecule Lactoferrin has another great advantage. It`s stable against any acids and enzymes. Any inflammation in the body is accompanied by acidification inflamed tissue and many active agents (e.g. antibiotics) in this environment lose its effectiveness. However, Lactoferrin is within secretions still active and effective. 

Many years of research has shown, that if we add Lactoferrin special bond of iodine and selenium, therapeutic attributes of tablets are significantly improved. Iodine and selenium are important for proper function of the immune system, regulating thyroid and protection of cells against free oxygen radicals. Cherry fruit extract contains natural glycoside water soluble dyes (thanks to it the fruit has a bluish violet colour and contains a different structure of the Aglycone (Pelargonidin, Cyanidin, Delphinidin, Peonidin, Petunidin and Malvidin), which are very effective in maintaining a good condition of the organism. 


ESSENS Lactoferrin Tablets are made by special SOFT tabletting technology. This special manufacturing process doesn`t cause denaturation, and thereby doesn`t reduce the activity of Lactoferrin. 



Recommended dosage: 1 - 2 tab a day during meals. In some cases, it`s possible to receive up to 5 tabs per day.



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