Laundry Detergent for White, Black and Colour Washes

Volume: 1 000 ml


  • highly concentrated detergent for white fabric in the form of liquid gel
  • pleasant fresh aroma for a perfect clean feeling
  • suitable for hand and machine wash with all types of water hardness
  • the special formula effectively removes stains, even at low-temperature wash
  • protects the fabric from rust stains
  • optimal even for washing a fine sportswear
  • dissolves easily and rinses without any residues
  • does not contain phosphates and bleaching agents
  • biodegradable, i.e. non-toxic to the environment
  • skin-friendly, dermatologically tested

    From 1 litre concentrate up to 50 washes in the washing machine and up to 200 washes by hand washing!

Laundry Detergent


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