If you would like to try all our fragrances, why not purchase this sample kit and try our selection of women's and men's perfumes. You could also show this kit to your family, friends and work colleagues etc.


 Details of the kit:

1) ESSENS logo on the diary flap and ESSENS inscription on the bottom side. Closes with a magnetic strip.

2) Set dimensions: 26 cm x 3 cm x 18 cm (when closed)

3) Material:: Metallic leatherette with lining.

4) Colour: Silver, blue (according to actual availability)


Men`s Fragrances:

M001,M003,M005,M007,M008,M011,M012,M013,M015,M020,M021,M022,M024,M025,M029, M030,M031,M032,M033,M034

Women’s Fragrances:

W104,W105,W107,W110,W111,W112,W113,W115,W117,W118,W124,W125,W127,W128, W130,W133,W134,W137,W138,W141,W142,W143,W148,W149,W150,W151,W153,W155,W156, W157,W161,W162,W163,W164,W165,W166,W167,W168,W169,W170

ESSENS Notepad



Sample Kit


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